Unbreakable bonding?

Do you ever wonder why a bonding is classified as rope which curling twisted around? Actually it is made up from a much thinner stripe which later on bundled at the end of it. When we are saying about a rope which represents a bonding, what is the first expression all of you got??
Ermm, a long, tough, firmly twisted? Or another kind of predictions? If there is, what is it??

It is likely life when surrounded with a friend, member, mate, penpal, best friend, do you even cross your mind, what is it likely to be? it is FRIENDSHIP.

FRIENDSHIP never die. Even you are going to swim into a deep sea with sharks, little mermaids, shells, until your fingertips able to touch the bottomest part of the sea, it will never ever break. Just like a wind or air. Do you ever wonder, why we cannot see the wind or the air, through our eyes? It is like a miracle,isn't it?

You can only FEEL it, with your skin located and covered almost three over four of your body, does it feel, how? It then comes to your sense, that, wind is soft, gentle. Even though we cannot imagine the physical appearance, what its the REAL shape of the wind and the air. Yes! We cannot do that! Because of what? A limitation from the God. The creature of this Universe. Allah The Almighty.

So, it is same with the friendship. Old folk used to say,

"What is a ship that cannot sink into the sea?" The answer is, FRIENDSHIP, guys =)

So can you imagine the real prediction of this word used for? It has the similarities with the WIND, the AIR. It almost possesess all the traits from the wind and the air, BUT both are LOSING something important.

Can you make a guess?

It is "ALIVE" hidden in the word of friendship. So, what are you waiting for?! Make a couple of friends now! May ALLAH ease you intention. It is never fade, never ever, even a scratch.

See ya!
Got to go, nice peeps, by the way for those who actually read this.