Our Uncomparable, Undisputable and Unbreakable Team

Here we as Student Representative Council of Technology Park Malaysia College, as one of the trusted organization under Student Affairs Of Department, be resolute to serve with full commitment to the last seconds until we officially not being a student of TPMC any longer...

A Picture of Us...

It usually depicts everything with mute noise and calmly with no distraction.This is how we progress if we aren't going to narrate about us or the event. We are not dumb, but we are damn to everything...

A Picture of Us...

It usually depicts everything with mute noise and calmly with no distraction.This is how we progress if we aren't going to narrate about us or the event. We are not dumb, but we are damn to everything...

A Picture of Us...

It usually depicts everything with mute noise and calmly with no distraction.This is how we progress if we aren't going to narrate about us or the event. We are not dumb, but we are damn to everything...

TPM College Football Team in MASISWA Tournament

Our football team.TPM College's football team. We indulge and play every game with full desiration and satisfaction. We tend to CONQUER all the match. Just another reflection...

Another Orientation conducted by us...

In each orientation, we offer the best as we have a belief saying that, "Whatever and how much you give, is whatever and how much you get back..." Yeah, certainly for sure. No doubt...

Unbreakable bonding?

Do you ever wonder why a bonding is classified as rope which curling twisted around? Actually it is made up from a much thinner stripe which later on bundled at the end of it. When we are saying about a rope which represents a bonding, what is the first expression all of you got??
Ermm, a long, tough, firmly twisted? Or another kind of predictions? If there is, what is it??

It is likely life when surrounded with a friend, member, mate, penpal, best friend, do you even cross your mind, what is it likely to be? it is FRIENDSHIP.

FRIENDSHIP never die. Even you are going to swim into a deep sea with sharks, little mermaids, shells, until your fingertips able to touch the bottomest part of the sea, it will never ever break. Just like a wind or air. Do you ever wonder, why we cannot see the wind or the air, through our eyes? It is like a miracle,isn't it?

You can only FEEL it, with your skin located and covered almost three over four of your body, does it feel, how? It then comes to your sense, that, wind is soft, gentle. Even though we cannot imagine the physical appearance, what its the REAL shape of the wind and the air. Yes! We cannot do that! Because of what? A limitation from the God. The creature of this Universe. Allah The Almighty.

So, it is same with the friendship. Old folk used to say,

"What is a ship that cannot sink into the sea?" The answer is, FRIENDSHIP, guys =)

So can you imagine the real prediction of this word used for? It has the similarities with the WIND, the AIR. It almost possesess all the traits from the wind and the air, BUT both are LOSING something important.

Can you make a guess?

It is "ALIVE" hidden in the word of friendship. So, what are you waiting for?! Make a couple of friends now! May ALLAH ease you intention. It is never fade, never ever, even a scratch.

See ya!
Got to go, nice peeps, by the way for those who actually read this.


Band Performance and Karaoke

Calling out all students of Technology Park Malaysia to participate in! 
Admission is FREE and open to all!
Special guest is invited...
To know who is it, please come and cheer up the ceremony!

***For those who are keen to Karaoke, kindly attend and register yourselves as the following details:

Time: 0900
Place: Lobby TPM College
Date: 11 April 2012
Fees: FREE

With that, thank you.
Your attendance is much appreciated! =D

MedTech Day 2012 (Coming Soon!)

As the times get counting second per second and minute per minute, which continuous continually without no boundaries and so ever, we pleased to inform you guys another event enforced by Science, Technology and Innovation Club of Technology Park Malaysia College, would be conducted as following details:

Date: March 28th, 2012
Venue: Technology Park Malaysia College Compound
Organized: Science, Technology and Innovation Club

With motto, 
"Power Beyond Science" 

All students are encouraged to participate in this event and have a fair rules and play. Till we meet again on 28 March!!

Kindly click this link for futher information. 

Broga's Hill Expedition

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Him as we manage to organize another series of annually expedition which is Broga's Hill Expedition on last 18 February. (A delayed post! Pardon Me! ) This time with a bunch of organizations such Muslim Youth AssociationGayung Fatani Martial Art, a few staff TPM College itself. We started our expedition as early as 4 o'clock in the shivery, creepy morning until we approached dusk time at the climbing time. Here we got three checkpoints ought to be infiltrated if we really eager to reach the Broga Hill's summit at 400m above sea level. Below is the picture on how we got going there..Haha, Nice One! Have a Pleasure..

With all that, thank you..see ya in next post!=D

Come to Papa ! Gimme your KISS! haha XD


Im A SkyCraper! --->Vitto Naim

We are SRC,=CUTE! =D 


"I Believe I can FLY" (the person at right corner)
"Majulah bahagia bersama saya..dijamin halal" (the person on the last left)

A Gay Lalang..~ heheh

Last checkpoint:you'll definitely discover this signboard for sure =D

Laid side view.

D.O.N.E !Thanks to all! ^_^

MASISWA Football Tournament

MASISWA stands for 'Majlis Sukan Institusi Swasta' absolutely. Here, as a common thing, our beloved TPM College has sent its own rival for this tournament. The commencement date was on 8 February to 12 February 2012, and located in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. A team was sent there with 27 students which was assumed as one team and collaborated with two managers this time as a personify of participation. The people in charge were Andi Rosnita Kandi as main team manager and Muhammad Nor Azwan Azemi as team manger.

The first and foremost, the registration part was done by Muhammad Nor Azwan Azemi in a meeting room of Rahim Kajai College in UKM, Bangi, before the tournament kicked off the day after the registration day. On the first day 8th February, the bus rumbled away from TPM College around two o'clock boarding all the players to the stated place. The first match was on the first day, and second match was on 9th February, third and fourth match on 10th February respectively. 

The arrangement and cooperation during the tournament from the organizer tournament was beyond the prediction. It was really sophisticated day as all the burdens were simplified as easy as pie. It did not turn up much arising problem but at least the management of the team was not too much complicated. 
Among the detected weaknesses are lack of training and communication among the players, they still need a lot of improvement especially in skill passing, dribbling and shooting because it also can benefit them in scoring for goals. But, do we need the justification? Yeah, for sure..not forget to mention, not even in day  , we can enjoy the bright in every second, hours. Sometimes, the necessity of dark we must encounter too.

Since our TPM College football team was not qualified for another next round, we learnt something. In a game, there is always two sides. One side with victory and one side with lose. That's rule of a game when the game on its first debut.. like a warn for its player.

With bless, thanks for the collaboration in completing the phases of rebound for TPM College football team..

World University Netball Championship Selection

Here comes for another tournament for this early Spring season. This time is for netball championship selection only. If there's another  championship , we would post it as commonly it is supposed to. Back on past 27 January until 28 January, our TPMC's netball team had undergone a selection for netball  championship  which was located in Sport Centre, Malaya University. This including 15 participants and two managers as the registered and finalist of the interviewed participants from TPMC's student itself.
The persons who has been in charge for this event were Andi Rosnita Kandi as the general manager, Nur Sabrina Norhashim as the team manager and Nurul Husna Zubaidi as the team leader.

Below is the brief summarization on how the scenery depicted.
On 27 January, Friday, 3 o'clock, our bus departed from TPM College to Sport Center, Malaya University. As soon as arrived, in Malaya University, our TPMC netball team had been registered by Nurul Farah Farhana as the team leader representative. The game was begun on half past four in late afternoon until five o'clock in the evening. That was for the first day. Second day in the early of eight o'clock until three o'clock.

The tournament was well planned and simple progressed. Apart from registration session, team division, marking, the referees, courts also the first aid emergency team all were in effective collaboration. Easy rule, easy play, easy win..! 

During the selection, our TPMC's team had struggled all the way out to conquer all the matches with high  spirit sport plus the enormous commitment in each player itself. But perhaps luck was not in ours that time. Our team had failed to qualify for the next round but with the sport courage and commitment in netball game, we pretty sure our team will play better and capable to endure the rain in the future, in sya Allah!  

Blood Donation Campaign (Report)

As on 8th February 2012, as being officially announced to all TPMC students, the campaign named "Blood Donation" was in huge success for its progress. It initiated on 10 o'clock on that morning until 3 o'clock in the late afternoon. Although it is only just a short period of time but it's truly made the effort worthy. As a drop of blood is the most crucial in greatly assisting somebody's life but it ought to match the type and the suitable blood condition. 

Based on the registration record, only 47 registered donors include staffs and students have had donated their precious trickles. It seems small in number likewise compared to number enrollment student in this college. But at least, we should be proud of it and it is something that should not get ashamed of. This event was fully incharged by Biomedical students of our SRC's committees. As early as the early bird the group of nurses and few crews exactly arrived on 9.00am. Thanks to Nur Sabrina and Muhammad Afiq as they were the in charged person for this event. And also all the student, staffs, lecturers who have had participated joyfully to become the event merrier and happier.

We would like to thank Hospital Besar Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang for coming and give an opportunity to our students and staffs to do this noble donation, “A Drop of Blood, A Gift of Life”.

Blood Donation Campaign!

Lets donate blood guyss! We would like to invite all staffs, lecturers, students and everyone to join Blood Donation Campaign! Who knows, your blood could save one's life?? All of your gracious presence will certainly make this blood donation more successful!

Program: Blood Donation Campaign
Date: 8th February 2012
Venue: Student Union
Time: 10am - 3pm

A day of blissful and exhilarating recreation in Taman Bukit Jalil

Salam a'alaikum, we greet to all readers. Now this post is mainly about the cheerful recreation that took place in Bukit Jalil Garden (Taman Bukit Jalil) in last Wednesday, the first day of February. Actually this programme is designed to strengthen the new created bonding between new SRC unofficial appointed committees. This programme became more interesting and more alluring as the Youth Muslim Association put it hands into the programme. This made up our day! Absolutely, for sure! Alhamdulillah! =D

The objectives in this programme;
1. To incalculcate socio-culture among the committees as they got no experiences in collaborating together as a team.
2. To ascend the understanding concept between committees in term of a team especially when it comes to workforce situation.
3. When there is a gloom, there is a blossom in term of memorabilias.

A million of pleasure to Andi Rosnita Kandi and Aqilah Abdullah our advisors of this programme as well as the mastermind,  Abdullah, president of Youth Muslim Association as they are the people who observe the programme to keep running smoothly. With all of that, thanks for all! Your efforts are much appreciated! =D
Do join us for the upcoming programme, 
***Blood Donation on 8th February 2012

Brother Abdullah

With all of that, Alhamdulillah,Praise be to Allah..! 

Sis Aqilah

Sis Andi

Orientation Day (Spring Season) 2012

Salam a'alaikum we greet to all readers and first of all a tonne of pardon as the incoveniences keep continuously making this SRC@TPMC blog cannot be dismantled properly as it is supposed to be. As often, we wish a prosperous and delight beginning for this New Year 2012 to all! 

As we about to anchor the new curtain this year, as well as the yearly routine programme, orientation day, is an obligatory stuff and ought to be conducted as this is one of the introduction way to welcome new students.

This programme has taken place on 21 January in the TPM College itself. With the collaborations of all including members of SRC also facilitators, committees.. praise be to God,everything was nearly perfect. Below there are some pictures portraiting the scenery. Have a pleasure!

Orientation committees

Stretching session
Mentor-mentee session
Group presentation session
Take a break...
Strolling around Technology Park Malaysia...
Explorace game..
Explorace-One of the available checkpoints
The First Runner Up..
The Second Runner Up..
With all of that, thanks! See ya in the upcoming orientation! May Him bless us in every single thing we make..